Saturday, 10 October 2015

Exotic Packaging: Walkers Crisps Tin

I saw this Walkers Crisps tin for sale on Etsy and could not resist buying it. Although I confess I was surprised to find it quite so large. About 10" or 250mm high. I guess you could store a large packet of crisps in it (Walkers obviously) but I have already started using it to keep my collection of fancy string and ribbons and gift tags organised.

I have no idea when the tin was made but maybe I'll find out one day. I don't ever remember seeing them on sale but of course that doesn't mean anything.

Isn't it fun though? It shows the (original I suppose) Walker & Son shop in Leicester, and a mustachioed man who must be Mr Walker.

Considering I write about crisps and crispy snacks on a daily basis I couldn't really ask for a better tin. Brilliant.

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