Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Switzerland: Some Local Views

This is where the Chef goes to ski; I go to sit in the sun with my glass of wine, or lie on the sofa in front of a log fire watching a DVD or sewing; and some evenings we go out and eat too much very good food.

This view was taken by the Chef while skiing.
But you can see this pretty ridge from the cable car up to the Pas de Maimbre.
Sunset from the bedroom window.

The new Fondation Pierre Arnaud at Lens (near Crans Montana).
It has the most amazing windows that are, I think, solar panels.
You can see Lens from the flat but not this building.
This amazing rock formation is at Euseigne in the Val d'Herens. We drove past there in the summer and spotted a great herd of goats pastured on this cliff. It was hot and the goats were very smelly.
When the light is right you can see these rocks from the flat.
This is the green roof of Anzere Spa & Wellness.
It's a fabulous way to cover the dull flat roof to the swimming pool.

My favourite sign post: going to Sion? Which way do you fancy today?
And this the Basilica of Notre-Dame de Valere on a hill above the centre of Sion.
Sion is the capital of the Valais.
One of the lovely old larches at Les Rousses. The sun always shines in the Valais.
Another view from the bedroom window and another feature you can see when the light is right. 
This is the Grande Dixence dam far away in the Val d'Herens on the other side of the valley.
This is the tallest gravity dam in the world (whatever that means!).

And another view from the bedroom window. This one is for Betsy.
I love this view of the moon with those strange clouds.
This is a January sunrise. The sky is always changing. It never seems to be the same for 10 minutes at a time. You can see why we love going there; we don't ever have to go far with so much to see right on our doorstep.