Thursday, 19 November 2015

Exotic Packaging: Potter & Moore Scented Geranium

The scented geraniums are quite difficult to spot on this pretty packaging. What you mostly see are pansies and sweet peas. There are roses too, and a butterfly - or is it a moth?
I wonder if Potter & Moore used this same design for sweet pea soap and rose bath grains? I don't remember.


  1. I adore this design and the product that it contained was heavenly smelling. I'm constantly scouring selling sites trying to find anything I can of it. Transports me back to my childhood and sneaking my mums products in the bathroom.

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    1. I'm sorry that I don't really remember it. This is my mother's collection of packaging and I had probably left home by the time she bought it and never experienced the wonderful smell.
      I have more soap packaging and must get around to scanning it. It seems a shame to leave it lurking in a box file when there is the whole internet out there. I love the designs. They were all so pretty (I don't think Mummy bought unpretty soap).
      Thanks very much for commenting. More to come if you are interested.