Friday, 20 November 2015

Exotic Packaging: London Bus Kit Kat

This is Kit Kat's version of a London bus.
Kit Kat is a chocolate covered wafer bar currently produced by Nestlé.
In this tin there were several normal Kit Kats and also some chunky Kit Kats.

This bus was produced in 2015 but some of the passengers look a little bit out of date. Surely Londoners (or indeed other residents of the UK) don't wear hats like that? Not since the 1950s.

The kit kat name goes back the 18th century when it meant a mutton pie served at the Kit-Cat Club.
A bit different from a chocolate wafer.
The pies were named for the pie-house keeper Christopher (Kit) Catt.
Hence Kit-Cat or various other spellings. 
The Kit-Cat Club had strong political, Whig (later Liberal), and literary associations.

The Kit-Cat Club also gave its name to a style of portrait: less than half length but including the hands. 
Sir Godfrey Kneller (a member of the club) was commissioned to paint members of the club in this style. 
He painted 48 portraits.

A proper Routemaster bus has an id number above the front wheel. And here Nestlé have inserted N35TL3.
Which reads as Nestlé if you want. A nice and carefully considered detail.

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