Monday, 19 October 2015

Exotic Packaging: Japanese Calligraphy

I ordered a spatula from Amazon. I wanted a particular style in a particular colour. 
And you know how it is with Amazon; you can't tell where your order is coming from.
Well, the spatula took a while to turn up but it was exactly what I wanted so I didn't mind. 
And it arrived with a little note in English from the seller, who is Japanese. 
He/she likes to practise calligraphy and so every parcel gets a hand written - painted? - sheet.
I have no idea what this says so do forgive me if it is offensive. I hope not. Because if it is offensive  it's not such a nice gesture.
I just thought it rather fun. And what a nice addition to a business transaction.
Don't you think it makes European writing look dull?

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