Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Exotic Packaging: London Bus Harrods

You really cannot beat a London bus if you want an interesting design for your packaging.
This tin bus came from Harrods and once upon a time contained toffees.

The number 14 bus does actually stop outside Harrods although I don't suppose it is usually driven by a teddy bear in a green Harrods uniform. All the passengers are dressed in green Harrods uniform too.

Of course, this bus is a Routemaster. Sadly this wonderful London bus was withdrawn in 2005 after nearly 50 years. The Chef remembers seeing the first prototypes. Very exciting and "so modern" he says. The Routemaster came into service in 1956.

Health & safety issues probably contributed to the withdrawal of the Routemaster. I saw a woman fall flat on her face in the gutter after she leapt off when the bus was going around a corner. Not the fault of the bus! But there was of course a problem with wheelchair access. In addition, the engine was outmoded and expensive to run. Surely that at least could have been dealt with?

There is a "heritage route" still operated by London Transport and you can hire them for private events.

I can't comment on the toffees once stored in this tin because they were all eaten so long ago.

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