Sunday, 1 January 2017

Ehrman Tapestry Sale Catalogue Spring 2014

Happy New Year for 2017!

And have you made any good resolutions for the New Year? Here's mine: I must get rid of some stuff. Basically I have far too much paper lying around. Not pay slips and tax returns because obviously you need to keep those, but loads of random bits of paper, some of them just because I like the pictures. So here's an attempt to recycle a little bit of the clutter: project "I must get rid of some stuff".

Starting with this pretty catalogue for the Ehrman Spring Sale in 2014. And, in no particular order, more Ehrman catalogues to come.

You can buy fabulous Ehrman products from their website.


  1. Love the resolution! I've done that one before and for me it took more than one year to get that one under control! I'm just a keeper of things at heart. But uncluttering is such a freeing activity and kind of addictive once you get started. I still have to go through my stuff and purge often.
    That catalog is wonderful. I'll take one of each of those beautiful pillows!

    1. I am a keeper of things too. But I've started feeling fretful if there's too much untidy clutter about. Stuff hanging on the wall or tidied on to shelves is fine.... but bits of this and that in random piles - well that gets to me these days. It's a tough task because I am naturally frightfully untidy, but I'll see how I get on. And I have made my announcement in public, so.... you at least can keep an eye on me.
      But you know, it suddenly occurred to me the other day that if I scan stuff and then throw it out I can always look at it online.

      And I know! I haven't sewn any one of these but they are all so pretty. Many more catalogues to come so watch this space.