Friday, 8 April 2016

Exotic Packaging: Paddington Bear Soap

This is another soap that I don't remember.
I think perhaps it was available when the animated series voiced by Michael Horden was on TV.
All the characters were cardboard but Paddington who was an animated 3D bear.

The text doesn't scan very well so I have typed it out:
"On the whole Paddington wasn't very keen on washing. On his travels he collected quite a few stains. Some of them were very good value indeed, and it always seemed a pity to lose them. On the other hand, given a nice piece of soap there was nothing to equal the warm glow you were left with after a hot bath. And as Mrs Bird wisely remarked, "If the old stains weren't removed there would never be room for any new ones". " © 1977

This soap was produced by Paddington & Company Ltd and Film Fair Ltd.

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