Sunday, 4 December 2016

I Really Love My Christmas Tree

No Christmas tree is complete without a London bus!
It's hard to photograph your Christmas tree. By night, even with a really good camera I struggle to get a good picture because the only lighting is fairy lights (or as they are now mysteriously named "string lights"). And by day, even at midday, the sun is so low in the sky, the light so slanting, that I didn't get much better results.
Platypus ornament from David Jones in Sydney.
The tree.

Emma Bridgewater jug.

Swan ornament from Fortnum & Mason.

In the background there's a clear glass bauble with a reindeer which came from Rome, a present from a friend who now lives in Sydney.

Cuddly zebra ornament from John Lewis.

Where did I get this glass bauble? Can't remember. Possibly Paperchase.

I think this oak leaf and acorns ornament is National Trust, but I'm not sure.

A ceramic buffalo ornament from Buffalo NY.
The green shoe on the left came from the V&A.
Oh look! a stormtrooper below a glass pine cone and a bauble from Venice.
I can't remember where this chunky blue glass star came from.
I remember this silver tinsel and red flower ornament from when I was 5 years old. 
A handsome Wedgwood bauble (get yours in the January sales like I do) and behind it, a home made bauble crafted from a Banksia seedpod. I picked this from a Banksia bush near a bus stop in Coojee, a suburb of Sydney.
You can see the midday sun streaming in and lighting another of the Wedgwood baubles.
This brass Loon (or Diver) came from a shop in Clapham in the 1980s, and everyone needs a Black Cab.

This British Museum ornament was a present.

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