Wednesday, 9 November 2016

I Really Love: this Peruvian Connection Catalogue 2016

I love this 40th anniversary catalogue from Peruvian Connection. This company has been going since 1976 and to celebrate it seems they are reissuing some of their most popular designs.

What a great image of a Peruvian knitter. I am full of admiration for the knitter; her hands look so relaxed. I tend to grip my knitting needles a bit too tightly which is a bad habit. And the colours shown here are lovely. This is the back of the knitting and even that looks wonderful.
And this image of alpacas is great too. Why do alpacas look so much friendlier than llamas I wonder? I have never met an example of either but many years ago I was a school with a girl from Peru and she had had some fairly unsettling encounters with llamas. So maybe her stories have put me off. Or maybe it's the jolly ear tufts the alpacas wear. Who can say?

I have invested in an alpaca cardi from the anniversary collection. I don't buy a lot from Peruvian Connection but sometimes you just can't resist. But I have several scarves. In recent years I have been wearing scarves a lot more than I used to and I do like the corkscrew style of scarf they sell. 

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