Friday, 10 June 2016

A Little Bit of Chocolate Does You Good: Montezuma's Sea Dog Dark Chocolate with Lime & Sea Salt

This dark chocolate must be manufactured by the West Sussex branch of the Montezuma family.

"This bar was yet another experiment that was tested to great aplomb at a festival we attended" says co-founder Simon Pattison. Hmmnn, call me picky but I'm not sure that's exactly what he means.

Anyhow, this is very nice dark chocolate but I'm not sure I am mad about the lime. I like chocolate with salt, it's a great combination. But I don't like food that tastes blue. And I think lime taste blue.

But I like the packaging. I like the pre-Columbian style design. It looks like a jaguar are something perhaps? I'd like to be able to pin it down by saying Aztec or Maya or Toltec or something. But the internet is none too specific about these things and it seems whichever pre-Columbian civilisation you look up, you get pretty much the same result.